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PSN card Generator

PSN Card Generator v2 –2014

Hey everyone , i am happy to announce that after some time being with only 1 sponsor we now have 3 new sponsors and the updated daily giveaway software called PSN card generator v2 . The idea for developing new software came from one of our long time members . He said that we should do something with the generator since it was buggy and annoying for some members . The newPlaystation Network code generator v2 is now using the latest search algorithm meaning no more errors and stuff like that . The members will enter the competition for the daily free psn codes and after getting the updated database from one of our 3 sponsors the software will actually check for members recent activity . More about the version 2 features later in the post.

New Features in PSN Card Generator v2

One of the most liked features of our new generator is the auto database updater .When you run ,it will update the databases and wait for you to generate and get the database access. You can also choose your currency now even though it will automatically detect the region and choose it for you if you dont check it . Also there is nice new event box where you can see what the psn card generator is doing at the moment. You can also switch to alternative server if you are having problems downloading the database from the main servers . You can also see the date when the database was updated . But enough talk , lets see how the new version 2  looks like and download it .

Download the new PSN Card Generator v2 and Join the Improved Daily Giveaways

This is the main window of the the new version
PSN card Generator
You can download the latest and updated version below automatically updated each day