Top Eleven Gift Card 80 tokens,200mil cash and health packs March 2014

 Top Eleven Gift Cards Generator 2014
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About Top Eleven Gift Cards:

Nordeus has introduced new category in the game called " Redeem code" .
Game Cards are a way to recieve Tokens, Health Packs or ingame cash, depending on the code. Codes will be used in promotional campaigns, competitions, when purchasing certain products.

These gift cards brings you tokens,cash and health packs.With these codes you SAVE money (you don't have to buy anymore tokens) and will save you a lot of tokens. HOW ? Let see how much money cost if you want to buy 80 tokens...or how muck tokens you need for health packs.
As you can see in this video,these codes will save you a lot... 7,54 euro for 80 tokens,or 45 tokens for 200m cash,or 138 tokens for 50*3 health packs.